Mastering Service Workers and Web Push
Max Firtman
Workshop Date: 02/27/17

Everybody is talking about the new king of the Web: Service Workers. But every sample out there is basically the same one. In this talk we will go through the idea, the Service Worker lifecyle, how to debug them and update them with a new version.

We will separate Service Workers from the Cache Storage API and see what are the current and future abilities of SW, including what browser's APIs are available today inside a SW, the Background Sync API, how to communicate to an active tab, and smart ideas that we can use using Service Workers to increase performance and abilities, such as delta updates or new image formats.

Thanks to Service Workers, the web has also a new ability: to subscribe and send push notifications to the user like a native app. We will go through the W3C Push API to subscribe the user and we will understand the structure we need to store enough information to send messages later and the Web Push spec that let us send Push notification messages to browser's servers using HTTPS.

We will also see the additions that are available on Android, such as custom actions and images inside the notifications as well as what's coming in the near future.