Breaking Limits on the Web
Max Firtman
Workshop Date: 07/27/16

This workshop will give detail information to web developers about the desktop and mobile browser ecosystem in 2016 and how to create successful mobile applications for the browser and for native and fullscreen apps.

We will cover

  • Mobile browsers ecosystem today
  • Browser vs. web view engines
  • Advanced Mobile Web Debugging and Profile
  • Pushing the limits with hardware: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope access; performance timing, 3D touch, full-screen APIs, AirPlay API, camera access, audio, battery, speech, bluetooth and more.
  • New image formats for Responsive Images
  • The Physical Web
  • How to create full screen webapps (aka progressive webapps)

The workshop will include labs that can be executed directly on mobile phones easily based on an online coding tool.