iOS Layout for Designers
Max Firtman
Workshop Date: 07/25/16

If you are coming from graphic design, HTML layout or Android App layout and you want to design iOS App layouts from scratch, this workshop will give you the Xcode experience to create responsive layouts for native iOS apps with AutoLayout and Size Classes, as well as layouts for tvOS (Apple TV and watchOS (Apple Watch). We will create static and dynamic Asset Catalogs, we will analyze graphic format support and densities, including the usage of vector graphics. We will use iOS 9+ features in Storyboard to create fully functional multi-window prototypes without writing too much code that can be later be integrated in a developer environment. We will analyze the prototyping tools available for designers and how to export assets into Xcode to stop delivering just PSDs to developers. Finally, we will do labs on animations, touch gestures and visual control customization.