Dev Ops for Frontend Engineers
Jem Young
Workshop Date: 07/27/16

Let Jem Young, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, teach you DevOps from the perspective of a front-end engineer at one of Silicon Valley’s most advanced companies.

For many Frontend Engineers, setting up a webserver seems like a daunting task. Between purchasing a VPS, configuring Nginx/Apache, to actually getting your server to respond to queries, there are quite a few steps to running a server. This workshop will cover everything you need to do run a webserver to host your very own website; all from the perspective of a fellow Frontend Engineer.

Chapter 1: (free preview) - Setting up DNS - Traceroute and load balancers - Shell walkthrough and editor introduction - Server architecture and buying a VPS

Chapters 2-5: (available to subscribers) - Setting up Nginx - Configuring your node server - Building a deploy system in JavaScript