Emotional Intelligence in Design
Christina Aldan
Workshop Date: 02/02/17

Recent discoveries in neuroplasticity of the brain give marketers more insight into the motivations of consumers and how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) influences our decisions. Neuroplasticity of the brain gives us new opportunities to create an engaging brand that connects with people on a deeper level. We must see the world from other perspectives and understand the key feelings supporting consumers choices. Brand building means engaging users from the point of their worldview. In this talk, learn how Anticipatory Design considers EQ into the design of websites and digital advertising.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an important topic right now and cultivating EQ is an effective way to see your brand from a new perspective. We used to think the brain was static, but it is not. Neuroplasticity of the brain means we are capable of creating new neuropathways, giving marketers another method for understanding the motivations influencing users.