New Web APIs Lab: Bluetooth, VR, Payments & Share
Max Firtman
Workshop Date: 03/04/17

During this workshop we will do labs on the most modern APIs available in today's browsers, including those that are still in experimental stages. We will cover: Web Bluetooth: we will do live demos on how to communicate with Bluetooth devices and how to enable the feature in production today for chrome users WebVR: we will create basic Virtual Reality experiences covering the basic concepts, current hardware available, how to detect pointers and the frameworks available for creating 3D immersive content and how to create 360 video or image viewers with live examples on real devices. Web Payments: We will cover the Payment Request API and the Apple Pay JS API that we can use today to receive payments from Android, iOS and macOS users in our websites. Web Share: With live demos we will see how to use the new Web Share API to connect to native Share intent dialogs, and how to use it today. We will also see what other options do we have today for the same process.