Redux, Once and for All
Cassio Zen
Workshop Date: 03/02/17

You've tried to figure out what all those technical terms are all about (WTF is a reducer??) and you may even be convinced that you need a degree in Computer Science to be able to use Redux. You don't.

What you need to know to use Redux and reap its (many) benefits, you'll learn: - Redux is a state management library... Why do I need a state management library? - No Redux Here - Studying individually: Pure functions, reducers and the concepts of the single source of truth and action dispatching. - Applied principles: You will take a React App and refactor it applying the principles you just learned. - Introducing Redux: You got all the principles, it doesn't look so intimidating anymore. (Redux Store + actions + reducers, react-redux) - Living in an asynchronous world (Async action creators, data fetching and stuff) - And then there's Middlewares, selectors and a few other things...