Fireside Chat: Serverless Application Architecture
Ben Sigelman, Alex Salazar
Animation Panel
Estelle Weyl, Freddy Rangel , Guillermo Rauch
Code Trade-offs: Benefits and Drawbacks of each Decision Panel
Brian Lonsdorf, Richard Feldman, Ben Lesh, Amy Lee, Rachel Myers
Building Better Browsers Panel
Jon Kuperman, Jen Fong-Adwent, Jeff Carpenter, Yan Zhu
Real-time Applications Panel
Aysegul Yonet, Guillermo Rauch, Daniel Miller
Inclusive Code
Estelle Weyl
How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software
Jenna Zeigen
Closing ePlenary - Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun
Extemporaneous Motivational Random Themed Talk
Janie Clayton
Forward 5 › Swift: Keynote Panel
Jesse Squires, Michele Titolo, Javi Soto, Ayaka Nonaka
State of the Mobile Web
Max Firtman
How to Create Good Documentation
Martin Gontovnikas
Empathy-Driven Development
Duretti Hirpa
Forward 3 Keynote w/Kelsey
Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
Forward 3 Keynote: Moving Node.js Forward
Dan Shaw
Is Your Code Too Solid?
Sarah Mei
States and Nomads: Handling Software Complexity
Zach Tellman
More Than You Bargained For: What Your Labor is Funding
Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
Creating a Strong Geek Culture
Diane Tate
Using Personality Data to Curate Online Experiences
Scott Tremper
On Community
Bryan Hughes
Being Effective in a Virtual World
Diane Tate
The Personality Awakens
Daniel Sines
Love + Node - Forward 2 Keynote
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
Developers Giving Back
Diane Tate
Better Code Review
Doc Ritezel
The Internet Going Forward
Emily Rose
The State of Mobile HTML5
Tomomi Imura
Forward 2 Keynote
Karolina Szczur
The Next Challenge of the Web is Us
Christian Heilmann
Building Trust Before Code: Unpacking The Weekly Retrospective
Diane Tate, Dan Mosedale
Zero to 60 in software development: How to jumpstart your career
Kent C. Dodds
Future of the Immersive web
Josh Carpenter, Tony Parisi, Brandon Jones, Diego Marcos, Gavan Wilhite, Mike Blix
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