Developing Your Kaizen Plan
Craig Clayton
Generic Table View Controllers
Richard Fox
Rubik's Cubes and Genetic Algorithms in Swift
Javi Soto
Improve User Onboarding with SFSafariViewController
Edward Jiang
What’s This React Native Thing I Keep Hearing About?
Evan K. Stone
Kitura - What’s Next?
David Okun
Media Frameworks and Swift: This Is Fine
Chris Adamson
Lunch and Learn: Designing Overloaded and Custom Operators
Stephen Tramer
This is what a Feminist Looks Like
Paul Hudson
Building Great Workout App for WatchOS
Ethan Fan
iMessage Extensions - A brief overview
Shruti Malugu
Fun with Type Introspection, Mirroring and Reflection
Edward Valentini
Swiftly Separating the What From The How in UI Tests
Ellen Shapiro
Panel: Design and Architecture of Applications
Kristina Thai, Dani Arnaout, Tripta Gupta, Rachel Bobbins, Christian Schlensker
UIStackView for Fun and Profit
Paul Hudson
Closing ePlenary - Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun
ObjC<->Swift Interoperability and The Future
Nikita Lutsenko
Cross-platform Swift
Boris Bügling
Swift's Initialization Sequence
Jordan Morgan
Using QuartzCode (not Composer) to design animation code
Richard Burton
Discovering Native Swift Patterns
Nick O'Neill
Asynchronous NSOperations
Shruti Malugu
Inferences and Generics
Richard Fox
Extemporaneous Motivational Random Themed Talk
Janie Clayton
An Invasive Investigation of Navigation
Assaf Gelber
Accessing Sensor Data on Apple Watch & Apple TV
Ethan Fan
New Patterns for Working with UITableView in Swift
Michael Skiba
How to Build a Compelling Watch App/Complication
Kristina Thai
Swiftly Styled
Ágnes Vásárhelyi
How Hot Is My Coffee? Sensors, Core Bluetooth and Swift!
Evan K. Stone
Forward 5 › Swift: Keynote Panel
Jesse Squires, Michele Titolo, Javi Soto, Ayaka Nonaka
Forward 5 › Swift Preview Shruti Malugu
Shruti Malugu
Forward 5 › Swift Preview Craig Clayton
Craig Clayton
Forward 5 › Swift Preview: Max Firtman
Max Firtman
Forward › 5 Swift Preview: Richard Fox
Richard Fox
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