JavaScript and Web
Getting the Most out of Code Reviews
Ksenia Coulter
Creating Accessible React Apps
Scott Vinkle
Why Loop When You Can Map, Reduce or Filter?
Scott McAllister
The promised land—upgrading a 100+ page legacy webapp to a single page React app without slowing development or compromising user experience
Cosmo Wolfe
Overcome the Async Struggle with Rx
Eric Adamski
Tales from the QA crypt
Jennifer Voss
A Micro Frontends Future: Using Angular with React and Vue in Enterprise apps
Douglas Riches
Death to the Boring Design System
James Y Rauhut
Node's Performance Hooks and Event Loop
Mary Snow
Cross Platform PWA's
Simon MacDonald
Blockchain in Javascript
Jan Liz-Fonts
Using Vault to store your node app secrets
Taswar Bhatti
JS minus JS ? The future of targeting.
Adam Daw
Universal Components with StencilJS
Mike Hartington
How To Train Your Junior Dev
Kristen Spencer
The Best Way to Do More is to Do Less
Andy Mockler
[NEW] Composing UI with smaller components
Ibrahim Madha
[NEW] Mind-controlling the Web with Brain-Computer Interfaces
Alex Castillo
[NEW] JSON Web Tokens Suck
Randall Degges
[NEW] One Progressive Step at a time - Code Intro Progressive Web App
Anas Raza Firdousi
[NEW] Beyond JavaScript Frameworks: Writing Reliable Web Apps With Elm
Erik Wendel
[NEW] Panel: Front End Happy Hour
Allen Wirfs-Brock, Brian Holt, Jem Young, Mars Jullian, Ryan Burgess, Stacy London
[NEW] How to Hustle Your Codebase: Approaching Code Re-Architectures Through the Eyes of a Billiards Player
Mars Jullian
[NEW] Taming the Hydra: Managing Monorepos with Lerna
Emma Ramirez
[NEW] Jest as a Platform
Rogelio Guzman
[NEW] Hooray for Arrays! Tips and Tricks for JavaScript's Best Object
Erin McKean
[NEW] Caring For Your Fellow Developers
Trent Willis
[NEW] Migrating the Frontend Stack From Python to React @ Yelp
Mark Larah
[NEW] PWAs: Earning your user’s trust
Jon Kuperman
[NEW] Software Development: Does It Need to Be a Technology Conflict Zone?
Allen Wirfs-Brock
[NEW] Pinterest ❤️ Mobile Web
Zack Argyle
[NEW] Select This! CSS Selectors
Estelle Weyl
[NEW] The Long Road to Async/Await in JavaScript
Thomas Hunter II
[NEW] Is javascript like java?
Marlena Compton
[NEW] Saving with server-less functions
Brian Douglas
[NEW] My Hockey Team Sucks: JSON, Node and Accepting Defeat
Rey Riel
[NEW] Conversational Interface & JavaScript, Including W3C Web Standards
Tomomi Imura
[NEW] Design Systems at Scale
Sarah Federman
Giving it a REST: An intro to GraphQL
Brian Douglas
Reflecting on the future of the Web after +20 years on it
Max Firtman
Real-Time React with Deepstream
Terence Pae
Squeezing PNG and JPEG Images
Ariya Hidayat
Panel: Agile Software Development
Panel: Best Practices for Data Visualization
Todd Margolis, Sol Eun, Amelia Abreu, Efrem Rensi, Breck Yunits
Mobile Web Performance
Estelle Weyl
Create Electronic Dance Music with JavaScript
Walmik Deshpande
You Don't Know Node
Samer Buna
TypeScript in Practice
Bryan Hughes
Redux + PDiff FTW
Lindsey Simon
An Intro to Design Systems
Sarah Federman
Getting hooked on Vue.js
Dalton A. Mitchell
Immersive Analytics
Todd Margolis
The Future of Internet Policy is CATS
Diane Tate, Chris Riley
JS Developers and the future of Internet Security, Privacy, and Trust
Amelia Abreu
Breaking Down Design Patterns: Pub/Sub, Flux & Redux
Ryan Christiani
Label Goes Here: A Talk About Diagrams
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
Building Performant Hybrid Apps with Ember
Alex Blom
Developing Desktop Apps with Electron & Ember
Aidan Nulman
Building Universal Apps with React
Elyse Kolker Gordon
React + X: Best practices for reusable UI components
Mars Jullian
Async in Redux
Freddy Rangel
React exposed
Ben Ilegbodu
Webpack: It's Not Magic
Naomi Jacobs
Speed Perception: understanding and measuring perceived performance
Estelle Weyl, Parvez Ahammad
TypeScript in Action
Dr. Doris Chen
Static Sites through SPAs and GraphQL
Chris Biscardi
Fullstack End-to-End Test Automation with Node.js; one year later
Mek Stittri , Chris Clayman
Panel: Autonomous Agents
Tomomi Imura , Nilkanth Patel, Todd Margolis, Ari Gesher, Tina Chen
Intro to EON.js
Lizzie Siegle
Practical Service Workers
Jem Young
Writing JavaScript That is Easy to Reason About
Preethi Kasireddy
How to Perform a Library Autopsy
Zack Argyle
The JavaScript Software Factory
Chris Castle
Mozart Could've Been an Engineer - Music + Code
Catherine Meyers
Creating more efficient React views with windowing
Brian David Vaughn
Finding your edge in a culture of feedback
Paulette Luftig
Hacking Web Performance
Max Firtman
Serverless or Bust
Ray Camden
Decisions Considered Harmful
Anna Harrison
Performant 2D WebGL animations with PIXI.js
Larry Gordon
Fireside Chat: Serverless Application Architecture
Ben Sigelman, Alex Salazar
React Application Architecture Panel
Brian Holt, Mars Jullian, Ben Alpert, Nicolas Gallagher, Devon Lindsey
Animation Panel
Estelle Weyl, Freddy Rangel , Guillermo Rauch
Code Trade-offs: Benefits and Drawbacks of each Decision Panel
Brian Lonsdorf, Richard Feldman, Ben Lesh, Amy Lee, Rachel Myers
Building Better Browsers Panel
Jon Kuperman, Jen Fong-Adwent, Jeff Carpenter, Yan Zhu
Real-time Applications Panel
Aysegul Yonet, Guillermo Rauch, Daniel Miller
Advanced Front End Debugging with Google Chrome
Work Like Node
George Bonner
Generating GIF Art with Javascript
Jordan Gray
How to convince your manager to go Open Source
Ernesto Mudu
Building Widget Platform with Isomorphic React and Webpack
Roy Yu
Inclusive Code
Estelle Weyl
Practical Performance Tips to Make Your Cross Platform Mobile Apps Faster
Dr. Doris Chen
KittyCam: a Node.js app for Raspberry Pi
Tomomi Imura
React Native: Learn from my mistakes
Joe Fender
Creating 3D Components with Angular and Three.js
Aysegul Yonet
The Web meets the Virtual and Holographic Worlds
Max Firtman
React, Omniscient, and Immutable: the gateway drugs of functional programming
Erin Depew
There’s a Bookmarklet for That!
Justine Lam
Bringing Dynamic Back
Ray Camden
Particle Systems for User Interfaces
Matt Hayes
How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software
Jenna Zeigen
JavaScript Robotics Panel
Bryan Hughes, Kassandra Perch, Alex Glow, Nadine Hachouche
Erik Bryn presents A Sneak Peek at Ember 2.0
Erik Bryn
HTML5 + Docker
Martin Gontovnikas
Five Angular Optimizations in Five Minutes
Randall Koutnik
State of the Mobile Web
Max Firtman
Blocking Across the Wire
Kyle Simpson
RethinkDB: Database for realtime apps
Ryan Paul
Internet of Things 101: Building IoT Prototypes with Raspberry Pi
Tomomi Imura
Real time performance audit with Chrome DevTools
Jon Kuperman
Samer Buna Talks about React, Flux, Relay, and GraphQL
Samer Buna
Douglas Crockford: The Seif Project
Douglas Crockford
EmbeddedJS: Advances in NodeBots and the Future
Kassandra Perch
Flexbox: WTF
Estelle Weyl
JWT Authentication with AngularJS
Robert Damohousse
Using Pull Requests to Drive Continuous Delivery
Ike DeLorenzo
Best Practices for Building Popular Open-Source JavaScript Libraries
James Smith
Let's Get High (Assurance)
Justin Leitgeb
Choosing an Accessible UI Framework
Gerard K. Cohen
The Better Parts
Douglas Crockford
How to Create Good Documentation
Martin Gontovnikas
Driving GPU Clusters with JavaScript
Thibaud Hottelier
Empathy-Driven Development
Duretti Hirpa
Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with Google Cast
Kevin Nilson
WebGL: Down the Rabbit Hole
Jay Oster
React: Life without MVC
Priyatam Mudivarti
Forward 3 Keynote w/Kelsey
Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
Forward 3 Keynote: Moving Node.js Forward
Dan Shaw
D3, React, and a little bit of Flux
Shirley Wu
Rust + Node = Love
Steve Klabnik
Stapling and Patching the Modern Web
Christian Heilmann
Estelle Weyl
High Performance in the Critical Rendering Path
Nicolás Bevacqua
Reactive All The Things
Martin Gontovnikas
Is Your Code Too Solid?
Sarah Mei
Breaking The Broken Web
Kyle Simpson
States and Nomads: Handling Software Complexity
Zach Tellman
Why You Should be Using Web Components Right Now. And How
Phil Leggetter
More Than You Bargained For: What Your Labor is Funding
Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
Focusing in a Distracted World
Larry Gordon
Creating a Strong Geek Culture
Diane Tate
A Short History of Live Programming
A Reference Data Infrastructure for IoT
Sujee Maniyam
Your 3D on the Web
Nop Jiarathanakul
Secure Execution of Untrusted Scripts
Gabriel Gonzalez
Interaction Design for Data Visualization
Miles McCrocklin
JS stacktraces: The good, the Bad, and the Ugly
James Smith
Visualize.js: Harnessing the Power of Analytics
Daniel Petzold
Using Personality Data to Curate Online Experiences
Scott Tremper
JavaScript Tooling in the Future
James Kyle
Signal Processing
Myles Borins
Homoiconicity in Javascript Through Delayed Invocation
Eric Horsick
On Community
Bryan Hughes
Choosing a JavaScript Framework
Pam Selle
A Million Ways to Fold in JS
Brian Lonsdorf
Building Products and Experiences that Developers Love
Rohini Pandhi
Being Effective in a Virtual World
Diane Tate
A 10 Minute Guide to Choosing a Realtime Framework
Phil Leggetter
Why Prezi is betting on FRP
Péter Halácsy
Unified User-Interfaces with Clojurescript
Priyatam Mudivarti
No More Tools
Karolina Szczur
We Will All Be Game Programmers
Hunter Loftis
The Personality Awakens
Daniel Sines
What the... JavaScript?
Kyle Simpson
GPU and Web UI Performance
Diego Ferreiro
Developing hardware using JS
Jia Huang
Test-driven client-side apps
Pete Hodgson
Visualising Program Execution
Jan Paul Posma
JSCK: The Fastest JSON Schema Validator For Node.js
Giles Bowkett
An Introduction to DanceJS
Benjamin Coe
Love + Node - Forward 2 Keynote
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
How Coursera Automates i18n on the Front-End
Leith Abdulla
Developers Giving Back
Diane Tate
Functional Programming with Generators
Peter De Croos
Multiplexing with SPDY and HTTP/2
Guy Bedford
Pete Hodgson
Hanging Up on Callbacks: Generators in ECMAScript 6
Erin Swenson-Healey
The Secrets of High-Performance Mobile JavaScript Applications
Volkan Özçelik
What the Blogs Don't Tell You About Frameworks
Sarah Mei
Embracing Failure on the Front-End
Clay Smith
React and Flux: Building Applications with a Unidirectional Data Flow
Bill Fisher, Jing Chen
The Low Down on Web Components
Erik Bryn
Unidirectional JavaScript
Jake Verbaten
The Lesser Known Features of ES6
Bryan Hughes
Angular in Production: What, How, When to Test?
Ari Lerner
Better Code Review
Doc Ritezel
Unorthodox Performance
John-David Dalton
I "Promise" to be Backwards Compatible
Bryan English
Web Component Component Markup
Estelle Weyl
The Internet Going Forward
Emily Rose
The State of Mobile HTML5
Tomomi Imura
Enemy of the State: Handling State and Events in a Scalable and Maintainable Fashion
Amy Palamountain
Algorithms for Animation
Courtney Hemphill
Artisanal Data on the Web: Using JS and Data to Get Literary 21st Century Style
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
JavaScript: Choose Your Own Adventure!
Kyle Simpson
Using Node.js for Everything
Charlie Key
Ricky Bobby's World: JavaScript & Our Obsession with Speed
Brian Lonsdorf
Forward 2 Keynote
Karolina Szczur
The Next Challenge of the Web is Us
Christian Heilmann
Building Trust Before Code: Unpacking The Weekly Retrospective
Diane Tate, Dan Mosedale
Zero to 60 in software development: How to jumpstart your career
Kent C. Dodds
Build the Virtual Reality Web with A-Frame
Kevin Ngo
Future of React Panel
Brian Holt, Lee Byron, Michael Jackson, Tyler McGinnis, Stepan Parunashvili
Software design with the stack in mind
Harlan Iverson
Shedding Some Lights on Javascript Playgrounds
Alexander Graebe
The New 'Desktop': Electron, React, and Pixel-Perfect Native-Feeling Experiences
Evan Morikawa
React-Native: Should I Even Bother Learning Swift?
Brian Douglas
Using ES2015 in Your Applications Today
Matt Blair
Setting up your server environment - just how you want it!
Mark Korsak
Soylent Bits (Your Code is Made of People)
Myles Borins
Making a Standard: Inside the ECMAScript Sausage Factory
Allen Wirfs-Brock
Future of the Immersive web
Josh Carpenter, Tony Parisi, Brandon Jones, Diego Marcos, Gavan Wilhite, Mike Blix
HTTP/2 is Web Performance Candy
Clay Smith
Node, npm, and Service Oriented Architecture
Laurie Voss
Functional All the Things: A Functional Panel
Brian Lonsdorf, Evan Czaplicki, Phil Freeman, Lee Byron, Hardy Jones
Building Web Sites that Work Everywhere
Dr. Doris Chen
From jQuery to Flux to Elm
Richard Feldman
"re.flow",­ an interactive digital work by Jason Marsh
Jason Marsh
Functional, Isomorphic, client-side web dev without Javascript!
Li Haoyi
SVG and GreenSock for Complex Animation
Sarah Drasner
JavaScript Forward: ES6 and ES7
Kyle Simpson, Brian Lonsdorf, Kent C. Dodds, Tyler McGinnis
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