Using Personality Data to Curate Online Experiences
Scott Tremper
Published 04/06/16

A short time ago in an internet not so far away, there was so much information that users had literally too many options to choose from and were being bombarded from all angles. But as the remnants of the old ways were swept away a new age of the internet was born: The dawn of Personalization. With it came the need to understand users and give them content that was targeted and relevant to only them. But this force of good was met by an evil nemesis, superficial and behavioral observations. Along came the solution: deep, impactful and actionable understanding and the cure for true personalization, personality. Join Scott Tremper as he regales you on the tales of traitify, the world's first personality API. Dan will discuss the ins and outs of how to measure personality and how to harness that data for recommendations, targeted marketing and matching.

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