On Community
Bryan Hughes
Published 04/06/16

Getting involved in a developer community can be highly rewarding, but entails risk as well. When we speak at conferences, give a demo, or even just attend an event, we make ourselves vulnerable. We open ourselves for criticism, rejection, and sometimes harassment. We don't think we're qualified to be here, we don't think we'll be accepted socially. So what can we do? Making our community a safe and welcoming place is the responsibility of everyone involved, not just the organizers. Bryan will talk about his own journey into the NodeBots community, and some of the things he has learned about community over the years. Bryan Hughes is a Front-Rnd Rngineer at RDIO, and an organizer for the NodeBotsSF meetup group, and a somewhat regular speaker at conferences. In his sparetime he likes to do robotics work with the Raspberry PI and JavaScript, Having added support for the Raspberry PI to the Johnny-Five Robotics library.

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