[NEW] Design Systems at Scale
Sarah Federman
Published 01/11/18

Summary: "A design system can vastly improve your team's productivity, but most of all, it leads to better products! The challenge lies in creating a mature system and leading its adoption across the company successfully. Let's talk about how we learned to meet the needs of different designers and developers on different products, on different tech stacks, on different platforms. Attendees will go home with tips they can use to improve design systems of any stage."

Extra: "A design system is a collection of practices that help companies scale their design and development, improve their user experience, and empower their designers and engineers. It usually includes a living styleguide, coded UI components, and design files. I will show you how Adobe is tackling this problem head-on in our org.

Design systems are so hot right now but they have an acute marketing problem: no one quite knows what they are. We're going to dig in and talk about what they really are and how they can impact your team.

We'll start with an overview of what design systems are why you should care and then we’re going to cover some of the things we learned at Adobe while building and scaling our design system for our large organization. This includes things like a release strategy, support strategy, review process (design and technical), measuring success, and various other things that are paramount to success at scale."

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