The Web meets the Virtual and Holographic Worlds
Max Firtman
Published 08/30/16

Oculus Rift, Google VR and Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive are new worlds for computing. But as web developers we might think they have nothing to do with us; and we are wrong.

In this talk we will introduce the new ways to browse web content on virtual and holographic worlds and the new specs that are coming to the Web to support them, including how to connect to devices in the Physical World.

We will cover with live examples on stage: WebVR, 360 and 3D picture and video formats, WebBluetooth, how to serve 3D content and the experience of browsing the Web through Microsoft Hololens, Samsung Gear VR and other devices.

We will test Edge on a real Microsoft Hololens on stage, Samsung Internet Browser on Gear VR, SteamVR Browser, Firefox and Chrome. We will even see how iPhone users can also take advantage of VR with a Cardboard device from Safari. We will analyze how to create interactive immersive experiences for each device today, the main new concepts we need to understand as web developers and the new challenges and experiences for the next years.

We will also talk about how the Physical Web and Progressive Web Apps may lead to a new era of web apps connected to these new worlds.

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