Building Trust Before Code: Unpacking The Weekly Retrospective
Dan Mosedale, Diane Tate
Published 05/20/16

If you are familiar with agile practices, you probably know about team retrospectives. And, as with software development in general, your results may vary. But why exactly are they used? And what approaches can we take to make them more useful for software teams?

Diane Tate, Program Manager at Mozilla, will interview Dan Mosedale, one of the co-founders of the Mozilla project and this simple process that can significantly impact your engineering team's effectiveness.

Dan Mosedale is a co-founder of the Mozilla project and is currently writing code for Hello, a web-sharing Firefox feature. Other Mozilla work includes standing up WebRTC in Firefox Android, implementing HTML5 web-based protocol handlers in Firefox desktop, and working on the Gladius HTML 3D gaming framework.

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