"re.flow",­ an interactive digital work by Jason Marsh
Jason Marsh
Published 05/20/16

Jason Marsh describes himself as a Virtual Reality Information Architect, programmer, and music composer. He will present an interactive digital work called “Surrounding,” which explores the experience of being surrounded by both technology and human emotion, with a dance-like interplay between the two. “Surrounding” is built to run in the Microsoft Edge browser using ThreeJS, GLAM, WebGL shaders, and Dolby Audio. “Surrounding” uses multi-channel audio synchronized to 3D objects moving through space around the user. The user can control each track to build her own unique mix, ranging from the ethereal to high energy dance. Encoding sound in Dolby Audio not only preserves channel-based (5.1, 7.1, etc.) mixes to make the experience more realistic and immersive, but also minimizes file sizes to reduce bandwidth charges and ensure efficient streaming to client devices. Using Dolby Audio in Web projects and Windows Universal apps allows Web developers the comfort on knowing that users will hear everything developers intend them to on any type of audio system, from laptop speakers, to headphones, to a full home theater system.

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