React, Omniscient, and Immutable: the gateway drugs of functional programming
Erin Depew
Published 05/31/16

As websites become more complex, developers are constantly looking for new ways to handle application state, control unintended side-effects, and create fast, testable interfaces. At Bitly we are using React, Omniscient, and Immutable in order to solve these issues with a purely functional, component-based front-end. I’ll discuss the benefits of these frameworks and functional programming as well as some of the drawbacks we’ve encountered.

The concept of functional programming can oftentimes be intimidating to development teams, and the idea of reducing the state of your application down to simple values for views using functional transformations can be downright daunting. This talk will discuss the paradigm changes necessary for using React, Omniscient and Immutable as well as the benefits of working in a functional front-end codebase.

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