Swiftly Styled
Ágnes Vásárhelyi
Published 04/28/16

A convenient way to style iOS apps is using stylesheets. It's fast with prototyping, it's literally a common language with designers, and it's easy to change. When we work on different apps of the same brand, there's a lot of logic we build to be shared. It's also possible, that our apps wear similar design, so how about reusing that? As I worked on this problem in the past, I found it complicated to reuse xibs, and hybrids of xibs and UIView subclasses. That's why I'm happy to work with stylesheets, they support reusability that makes sense design-wise, making it easier to understand as a team. With Objective-C, there are several helpful third parties, but let's see how does it look like if we try to solve the problem with Swift.

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