How to Build a Compelling Watch App/Complication
Kristina Thai
Published 04/14/16

This presentation will cover how developers can take advantage of the most beneficial aspects of the watch in their apps, along with optimal ways of using watch frameworks. Looking at current user behavior, I'll pair these habits with key features that any compelling watch app should have.

This includes: Watch accessibility Animations Data and file transfer (Watch Connectivity) Optimal battery performance Dictation

I'll also take a look at the best uses for complications (widgets on watch home screen), and how to use the ClockKit framework better-suited to developers' needs. This largely differs based on the type of service that developers' apps provide and the talk will cover the most optimal ways to show their users the information that is most useful to them.

The audience will be able to walk away with a better idea of what it takes to create a watch app experience that will keep users coming back again and again.

I'll also be sure to update this talk with any new, interesting frameworks/features that come out of WWDC 2016 :)

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